CrossFit Sacramento

CrossFit Sacramento is a unique training facility that offers top of the line equipment and world class programming delivered by trainers who are college educated and certified by the fitness industries best organizations. Our members and clients appreciate the distinct differences from the large commercial facilities that are overcrowded, dirty and offer very little personal service.

As Sacramento's original CrossFit affiliate our signature service is the "workout of the day". These CrossFit workouts (posted daily) consist of constantly varied, if not randomized, functional movements executed at a high intensity resulting in fun, challenging and interesting routines that produce maximum results.

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Heart Zones Red

Train smarter & harder with live biofeedback using Smart Heart Training System. Intense circuit work with cycles, kettle bells, medicine balls, & rowers.

The Heart Zones System displays real-time feedback from multiple sensors for engagement and motivation so clients or students can grow and learn to achieve their goals. Track heart rate zones, steps, calories, distance, speed, location, cycling power and cadence.

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1146 Fulton Ave,
Sacramento, California 95864

(916) 799-9749